A & G Dermatology can address all of your medical, surgical, or complexion concerns at our office. The care and needs of our patients are handled with a personal approach.


A & G Dermatology offers medical services for cancers of the skin, including surveillance (exams), diagnosis, removal, treatment, and education. We diagnose and treat acute, chronic, recurrent rashes and skin lesions. We also offer treatment plans for acne, psoriasis, warts, rashes, preventative skin-care plans, and skin infections. In addition, our practice provides NB-UVB phototherapy (narrow-band) for Psoriasis, chronic dermatitis, and Vitiligo treatments.



We are happy to discuss and offer customized seasonal skin care-plans for your specific skin type and needs. We will recommend specific cleansers, emollients and topical products customized to your cutaneous concerns.

Our practice offers the Varilite Laser for unwanted superficial vascular lesions and sun - freckles (lentigines).


Skin  Care Products


We offer and recommend specific skin products which may  be selected as an alternative or in support of certain prescription medications. They can lead to clearer complexions and more youthful skin texture and enhance certain cosmetic procedures. In some cases, they can also lead to longer remissions from chronic skin conditions and bypass potential side effects from some prescription medications. 

Acne, Warts, Eczema, Moles (nevi)

Infections of the skin

Pigmentation disorders

Sexually-Transmitted skin disease

Pre-cancerous skin lesions [Actinic Keratoses]

Contact Dermatitis / patch testing

Medication reactions [drug rashes]

Nail disease and infection


NB-UVB phototherapy on-site

treatment for scalp Psoriasis

Rashes, inflammatory skin conditions (acute and chronic)

Skin cancer surgery

Minor surgical procedures on-site 

Common Skin Conditions Evaluated & Treated